Shadowrunning Dogs

Extraction Job Part 2

The runners are able to escape the pursuing corporate security, but upon reaching the rendezvous, they find no Mr. Johnson. Checking the net they find that another facility of the same corporation was hit shortly after they made their run. It looks like they were set up to be a distraction.

Making the best of a bad situation, they start shopping around their new “acquisition” to see if anyone else is interested in “hiring” her. Meanwhile, they also start searching for the missing Johnson.

They find an interested party, but they must deliver the “acquisition” to Singapore as part of the deal. On the way to the airport they are ambushed by an elite corporate strike team that almost succeeds in retrieving the “acquisition” but is forced to fall back before they can do so, leaving an injured and exhausted team of runners behind.

Extraction Job Part 1

The group is hired by a nervous looking Johnson to extract an employee from an A list Hong Kong corporation while that employee is visiting from another facility on the mainland. The group infiltrates the small corporate facility where she is visiting, locates her, and extracts her to the waiting vehicle. So far they have faced minimal opposition, but as they pull away a corporate security vehicle approaches and begins pursuit.

Prototype Go Boom

The job was to infiltrate a corporate port facility and destroy a vehicle prototype being tested under the guise of being a new cargo lifting drone.

The group managed to infiltrate the facility and blow up the prototype with minimal opposition. Not exactly another milk run, but almost.

Milk Run

The groups first run involved meeting with a Johnson at a warehouse on the docks. There they were informed that the job was to take a package from where they were in Sai Kung to Launtau Island on the other side of Hong Kong. They were then introduced to the package: a teenage girl.

The run was largely uneventful. They did run into some gang toughs but were able to sneak themselves and the “package” past them without trouble, collecting a tidy reward for their trouble.


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